Advertising on smartsurf’s network leads the advertised product or service nearer to the end user, since it finds him/her online while providing free internet access for the purchase of products and services or for information and entertainment.

smartsurf’s network dynamics allows the fully controlled projection of an Ad within an organized locations network with several thousands of users per day. However, it is the ideal environment for fast, targeted and measurable advertising with a multitude of possibilities from the advertisers.

First Page

The first page shows up on the user’s mobile when he/she connects on smartsurf’s network (location).

Splash Screen

It appears immediately after the first page and after the user clicks the “Connect” button and becomes connected. The advertising messages can appear with 6 different forms:

Click to website

Create ads urging the users to visit your website.


Create online videos, since they are an interactive way to promote your products and services.

App Install

Create ads urging the users to install any app of interest on their mobile device.

Offer / Voucher

Create offers for your customers redeemable in your store.


Create a survey of a question that will allow your visitor to express his/her satisfaction using emoticons or question & answers option.

Social Network

Create the appropriate conditions to promote your social media.

In-Session Ad

The In-session Ads will appear while the user is surfing the internet under the form of a banner, at the bottom of the page.

smartsurf’s creative team can design your every creative need.

Targeted campaign

Targeted geographic coverage for each campaign, promotional action, survey etc.


& reliable advertising for each separate area per category

Location and time

Selection of the ad’s promotion location and time.

Immediate campaign creation

Real-time creation of a campaign with immediate results, especially regarding short-term campaigns (events – concerts – offers).

Statistics and reports

Measurable data and live evaluation of your advertising expenditure through reliable data and reports (deliverable reports).

Personalized contact

Personal, immediate, quick and effective contact, since you address the potential consumer directly.

Loyal customers

Increase of your customers’ loyalty.

Low Cost

Low cost related to the penetration speed of a targeted and measurable advertising.

Network Location

Enjoy smartsurf’s privileges and give added value to your business.

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